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2 BBW's visit BALTIMORE Beach in Charm City Federal Hill CHIPOTLE Mukbang


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Meet my new feedee at FeedMeFatter Fat Camp

Meet Cupcake... my submissive feedee who is ready to be forced to gain as much weight as I deem my desire.  Nothing excites me more than the vision of her being more plump, and having more fatty rolls on her beautiful curvy figure.
Don't you want to help me feed her too?

We live in a house that has 24hr live cams... our feeding sessions are unique and like no other.  Your donations whether it be gift cards to Costco, Walmart, restaurants or monetary donations will provide you private access to watch us cook, eat and discuss goals, progress and our efforts to gain.
We do meet after we've established trust.  Trust is developed via online encounters.  So let's get started shall we? 

Feed Me Fatter Fat Camps

I've known Destiny BBW for years... and I've visited her MANY times.   But THIS visit is MUCH different!  She has fat-knapped me and forced me to stay until I at least hit 300 lbs!!  I got here Sept 28th weighing 272lbs and her kitchen was packed full of goodies awaiting my impulsive and indulging behavior.

We immediately went on a little foodie vacation to Atlantic City where we planned out some amazing places to eat.  Unfortunately, we would fall in love with a restaurant inside our hotel and frequent it so often they knew us by name.  The people on the boardwalk were both curious and appauled by our sizes, which we found to be quite entertaining.

Destiny created this "African Mating Call" when we were walking the casino looking for food, and she was rubbing her belly.  This doctor approached us, stated who he was and that he was an African native and proceeded to invite us to eat.  We couldn't resist.  So we end up at this nice cafe, with amazing food that …