Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eating Extremes

I got a question the other day that I had to sit back and think about... and here is my answer. The question was "Have you ever eaten something that could've gotten you arrested, fired or in a lot of trouble" and the answer is YES, a few times. The first time I did something that could've definitely gotten me in trouble is when I was young. I must've been about 10-11 and was hired to babysit the neighborhood kids. While babysitting, I would be nosy and see what people had in their pantries and refrigerators. One family had a HUGE home, giant kitchen and a ton of food that I didn't get to eat at my house. I would put the kids to bed early as one was VERY vocal and a big tattle tale so I had to make sure that my eating excursions we reserved for times they weren't awake to rat me out. The one particular night, I remember it was the day after Thanksgiving. They had so much food and I couldn't resist but PIG OUT. When they said "Help yourself..." I don't think they had ANY idea what was in store. I attacked the pantry first, hitting up the snacks and damn near took out a box of chewy granola bars. (My favorite is the S'mores) After that I had a few fruit roll ups, potato chips and then decided to target the refrigerator. I made a plate of turkey day fixings and even took it upon myself to have seconds. A couple of hours later, I did it again... and returned for a second round of yummy's. I thought I had washed every dish and cleaned up the kitchen so that no one would know that I had eaten so much. Unfortunately, I didn't take out the trash which would've covered up the evidence of my over eating rampage.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Feed Me Fatter Fat Camps

I've known Destiny BBW for years... and I've visited her MANY times.   But THIS visit is MUCH different!  She has fat-knapped me and forced me to stay until I at least hit 300 lbs!!  I got here Sept 28th weighing 272lbs and her kitchen was packed full of goodies awaiting my impulsive and indulging behavior.

We immediately went on a little foodie vacation to Atlantic City where we planned out some amazing places to eat.  Unfortunately, we would fall in love with a restaurant inside our hotel and frequent it so often they knew us by name.  The people on the boardwalk were both curious and appauled by our sizes, which we found to be quite entertaining.

Destiny created this "African Mating Call" when we were walking the casino looking for food, and she was rubbing her belly.  This doctor approached us, stated who he was and that he was an African native and proceeded to invite us to eat.  We couldn't resist.  So we end up at this nice cafe, with amazing food that we would call our official foodie home.

He ended up taking us out a few more times and to a show.  What a nice guy.. .but even more interesting was when he took us for all you can eat crab legs and steak.  That was FABULOUS and we ate SO much that we were there for 3hrs.  I can't tell you how many plates of food we endured.  Stuffed, we headed back to our room and wished the doctor a good night.

The following day, we got up VERY early to catch breakfast even though we had a late night snack not long before breakfast... but couldn't help with the food being so fabulous but to keep eating!  We had the good doctor invite us out again, so we went back for lunch... and then decided to hit up something new so we walked over to Trump Towers for a high end italian feast.

By the time we left, we barely fit in her small car and were bumping each other at the arms.

Since we've been home, the cabinets stay full of snacks and the fridge full of food.  The meals are beyond more than enough food for one person, and frequent.  The average meal has 4 different things to choose from... it's insane.  Then, I am HIGHLY encouraged to eat late at night, often times making it impossible to say no to food that has been prepared already like pizzas and chicken wings.  Then it's followed with ice cream and cupcakes.

I tell you what... you won't be hungry in this place!  I will be posting progression videos soon on you gotta check out just how much I've packed on in the 2 weeks I have been here.

Models?  This is the place to go if you are looking to shoot fetish content AND gain some lbs.  Feed Me Fatter Fat Camp has been amazing!  If you want to know about my experience or have questions email me

Fattening Blackmail

He contacted me on plenty of fish... wanting to talk about "fattening me up" and feeding me to 300+ pounds.  I began talking to him on yahoo and quickly realized he was all about entertaining the fantasy and no intention of actually fulfilling it.  I have a huge problem with this.

He shared with me some information that I would eventually use to my advantage.  In the meantime, he starts getting an attitude apparently realizing that I am catching on to his cockiness and completely arrogant sarcasm.  When he realized I was reluctant to entertain him without him having to contribute to the cause, he was rude and started insulting me.

Being a dominant, I don't take ANY shit off of anyone and if you are seeking a submissive woman who is insecure and in need of your attention, you've truly found the wrong one.  With that being said, I decided to start talking about the other women he's encountered on the site and how is treats women of size.  I would be surprised to his response.

Much to my surprise, he would start to admit that he has been hurt and in turn has been abusive to big girls although it is ultimately his fantasy to have a fat girlfriend who he feeds and makes fatter.  I kept letting him talk... gathering information and eventually I fed him enough rope that his feet were dangling from the air.

At this point, I was feeling a bit sorry for him but more so I was disgusted and truly felt for the girls who encountered this asshole.  So I decided to take it upon myself to teach him a lesson.

I had his photos he sent, and a screen shot of his profile declaring his love for huge women and to feed a fat girl.  I told him I was going to have all this printed and send a poster to his job revealing his secret fetish.  He was EXTREMELY alarmed!  He shared that the guys at his job already make fun of him for not being very bright and not following directions and this would completely humiliate him.  He also said he was willing to do ANYTHING to keep that from happening.

That puts me in a great position of power.  I demand that he feeds me, pays for my food bill, and take me out to eat.  He immediately sent me paypal to cover my food for the day as he continued to beg for me not to expose him.  Things just got REAL interesting.

This is what was purchased with his donation:

To be continued!