Monday, December 24, 2012

New beginnings..

So my old blog got tossed and removed from WP... and that brings me here to Blogspot. I have always liked their blogs better because they are much more user friendly. Just left radio show which is a local station available on internet. We talked about some of the craziest things like embarrassing farts and over eating. I will share with you a story I told on the show as it pertains to my early stages of gaining and fattening. I was young, probably about 10 or so and we were all gathered around at a family gathering. Someone had given one of the members of the family a holiday tin of butter cookies. The wrapping paper was still on the tin but I couldn't resist sneaking off and eating ALL of the pretzel kind. I thought I had gotten away with it but didn't realize there were crumbs all over my dress. We started playing "Christmas Confessions" a friendly game that my family loved to play where the adults talk about knowing what kids broke rules... etc. Well someone pointed out that they knew I had snuck into the cookies by the crumbs on my dress! BUSTED! I wish I had that tin now!