Chub Club

You are interested in the Chub Club aka Feed Me Fat Camp!  I am NOT your typical feeder.  I don't buy your food, but I do spend a tremendous amount of time chatting, encouraging you to eat, meal reminders, and in some cases role playing out your favorite fantasy of being fed & fattened, fucked & released.  Keeping that in mind, this club is for those who wish to participate in eating challenges, share their progress, eating ventures and goals and possibly your ultimate fantasies.  If you seek a PAYING feeder, I am NOT the one for you.   



Here is the info for the club:  

As my feedee member of the Chub Club,  you will receive encouraging messages (snap, kik, whatsapp, etc) as well as meal reminders. You can elect for humiliation (being called a piggy, fat cow, or whatever things you like if that's what you are into) or not. You can share photos of your food, meal diary, weigh in's, measuring progress, and share your goals & fantasies. Basically you are given the opportunity to fully explore your fantasy and fattening efforts with someone who understands. I am Domme, so if you seek a more aggressive humiliating approach that aspect is available also. I am willing to work out a payment plan that will effectively provide you with my attention as frequently as we agree is necessary.  

Daily fat chat, meal reminders, gaining encouragement
---Some cam2cam live eating/feeding sessions can be included as well
Weight progress and measuring updates 
Eating Challenges 
Piggy of the Month
Photo sharing
Video sharing
Dual Feeding via Video Chat (skype, google, facetime, etc)
Audio files (trance to help you get into your feeding zone & hypnotize you to eat more)
Fetish exploration 
Sexual release & MORE! 

Basic chat - $10 (good for 1 day) TRIAL run.  Suggested if you have apprehensions about committing. 

Bronze - $20 - (good for 1 week) daily chat (no fetish or sexual chat ONLY feeding, gaining, food intake, weight progress etc)  
   --- INCLUDES:  meal planning & reminders, encouragement, photo sharing.

Gold $50 - (good for 1 month) All of the above PLUS eating videos, feeding trance videos, audio files.  eating videos, feeding trance videos, audio files PLUS BONUS: fetish chat, sexual release via text or audio.

ULTIMATE VIP - $100 =------>  All of the above PLUS video chat privileges (2 per pay period or $25 per each additional 10 min. video chat session) OR Customize your own package!    Choose the options you want, add your own and we will customize your package to fit your needs!  **This package gives you access to everything above as well! 

Payments accepted:  
Cashapp $megamilfx
venmo megamilfbbw
OR < international payments 

Start Chatting:
Make your payment by one of the above mentioned methods.  
Send your chat app id KIK, Snapchat, whatsapp, google hangouts, skype or other.
I will add you and we begin chatting.  

RULES:  This is not 24/7 entertainment & chat, interaction is mutual.  I do my best to answer your messages as quickly and frequently as possible outside of reminders, daily challenges and tasks, etc.  Photo sharing is encouraged! 

TESTIMONIALS:  "I have gained 14 lbs in the short time I've been with Goddess.  Her daily meal reminders and supportive daily chats have helped so much.  Whether I need a dominate command or just someone to share my challenges, progress and accomplishments with, she is by far the best!" ~ PiggyBoyUK

"Our dual feeding sesh's are my favorite feature.  Watching her stuff while I bloat and expand my belly definitely makes for a much more productive fattening feast." ~ Jerseyboi 

"Just do it."~ Auzzziefattie

Looking forward to fattening you up!


January               CanadianBigBoy1989
February              Fr0stByt3
March                  Simon
April                    D Slayer
May                      D Slayer
June                      D Slayer
July                      D Slayer
August                  KurveKing420
September              *THIS COULD BE YOU - JOIN NOW TO HAVE A CHANCE*
October                   *THIS COULD BE YOU - JOIN NOW TO HAVE A CHANCE*
November                 *THIS COULD BE YOU - JOIN NOW TO HAVE A CHANCE*
December                   *THIS COULD BE YOU - JOIN NOW TO HAVE A CHANCE*

To qualify for Chub Of The Month, you must have all of your dues paid on time and meet and exceed all of your monthly goals and expectations.

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