Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why do people hate MY size more than I do?

I have to admit, I am an online shopper.  I hate going to stores, finding parking, and ultimately having people watch me while I am trying to find the perfect outfit or bathing suit.  I am not insecure about my body, just hate the way people are so rude as if me being fat is contagious and going to make them fat too.  Like what is the big deal with MY size anyways?  It's MY size, not yours.  I have to wear it not you.  

Me being fat doesn't hurt you or affect you in any way except that YOU personally would HATE being fat because of what OTHER people think of you.  But the truth of the matter is, I am happier than a LARGE population of NON FAT people.  I have CHOSEN to accept my body as is, and love myself in it's current state or bigger state if I so happen to gain weight.

The fact is, TRUE love is when you love without conditions and love with flaws and all.  Strength is obtained when you refuse to let the senseless opinions of general public and masses dictate how YOU feel about yourself.  Its difficult these days with social media and the Internet giving the world access to speak their mind and spew cruel and mean comments to anyone and everything.  You have to have tough skin today in order to simply SURVIVE the un-welcomed criticism the world solicits and in fact, feel entitled to share and force on you.

It's highly unfortunate the mental slavery of our country and the world in how we judge others.  Whether it be someone by their appearance, sexual preference, gender or nationality.  Who you are isn't about being from a specific location on the planet, or a social status.  YOU define who YOU are.  Own it.  Love it.

I hope those who stumble across my page realize that hating others for something that YOU don't have to live with will do nothing positive for you and I hope you find LOVE some where in your heart!  Good Luck and ciao!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Starving Supermodel forced onto scale to check her weight gain progress

Fattys Weigh the Starving Supermodel 

Bella & Jade have been trying to fatten up their new friend Taylor with lots of fattening foods and it's time they check her progress. When she started on this journey, she was 120 lbs. They reveal just how much weight she managed to pick up in the short time since they started on her PROJECT EXPANSION. The girls decide to jump on the scale as well to see if their efforts put some pounds on their chubby bodies as well.


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New Mukbang Video shot at Baltimore Beach

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My new curves

As of late, I am noticing more and more curves.  I love them!  Each pound, each curve, each noticeable change in my body from my growing efforts make me smile.  Knowing that I am healthy yet able to embrace this new me is just an amazing feeling.  

I weighed myself today and was quite surprised to see my results. You will be surprised as well.  He loves them too... which is what I found most surprising.  I thought that my new size was going to turn him off and anger him.  He is concerned about my health and well being.  Nothing to worry about though.  

I will be posting my progress videos and weigh in's soon.  Plus I have some footage of me trying on clothes that used to fit but now are too small! is where you can find those videos.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My return to Feabie

Wish me luck, because I am giving Feabie another try in attempts to find a feeder or 2.  So far it's been a dead end, as I suspected from past experience.  BUT.... it's only been a few hours so that's not really a "fair" assessment.

It drives me insane that they want you to act like a freaky sex fiend but they don't want to pay you like one lol Come on!

I will keep you updated on my luck!