Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feeder Vacation

While I visited LA earlier this year, I met up with a long time friend and feeder of mine.  He has helped me reach nearly 300 lbs a few times and it was great to spend time with him.  He stocked up his fridge and made sure there was plenty for me to eat.

In exchange for his hospitality, I pulled out my culinary skills and cooked for us.  He was thrilled at my huge breakfast and amazing dinners.  I wanted to make sure we BOTH ate good!

I probably gained 10 lbs from the 2 days I spent at his house and enjoyed a ton of fatty snacks and foods.  

Many ask about our romantic relationship, and unfortunately with us being on separate coasts and busy schedules it's virtually impossible to have a romantic relationship.  He is an amazing guy and we've since decided to discontinue the feeder relationship.  Due to the emotions that get involved, it just seemed easier to let go and not hurt each other.

I am hoping to find someone who can fulfill my needs and help make me FATTER!!   


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Caught me eating?

You know I am a foodie when the ONLY photo found of me at an event, is of me holding food!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Feed Me Fatter Fat Camp

Due to some recent changes, the camp has moved to Baltimore Maryland and has 24 hour live cams!  You can watch the fat camp visitors and house guests anytime!  We've raised the bar and now offering a more personal view of your favorite girls daily lives and NATURAL eating schedules and habits.

FeedMeFatter Fat Camp is a great place to see your favorite BBW stars, models and webcam performers shooting footage for our websites, webcamming together and feeding each other!

Right now, our guest chef is Sienna Hills who is from the south and loves to cook.  So far she has thrown together some of the greatest meals including the pictured Easter masterpiece and I will post some more photos of the beautiful feasts she is serving here at FMFFC.