Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why am I not more interactive online?

I've been asked a lot lately why I am not more active on my social media and blog in regards to reporting what I am eating, how much I weigh and progress in my weight gain challenge.  It's simple yet complicated.

With the increasing interest in this fetish and topic of discussion, the amount of people intrigued continues to grow more and more everyday.  Known fact.  Having said that, you can imagine how many people approach me with constant questions from everything to what I am eating, how many times a day I eat, how much do I eat to how much I weigh.

Because this process is so intimate, delicate and financially exhausting, I have chosen to refrain from going too far into detail unless it's with someone who is actively participating in the those efforts.  It's not about financial gain, as I am not making any money off of the gaining process.  Frankly, it's about time and being selective about who I choose to share these intimate details with.

I get anywhere from 10-15 people a day wanting to have lengthy conversations about "their" fantasies and what they want.  If each conversation lasts about 30 minutes (10 people) = 5 hours of conversation.  If I spend 5 hours a day on average "talking" about it, when do I have time to actually GAIN weight?  Shop for food?  It's VERY much a distraction.

As a result of the last couple of years experiencing that very few are TRULY interested in being an ACTIVE participant in fattening me up, I decided to go about it with a more business approach to eliminate the time wasters and people who just do nothing but talk about it.  I am a doer.

If you are SERIOUS about being a part of this very special endeavor, and it won't last forever as once I reach my goal I have no intentions of exceeding my ultimate goal weight, and will discontinue efforts of reaching anything higher.  Email me feedmefatterBBW@gmail.com

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