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Feed Me Fatter VIP CLUB

There are several ways you can contribute to the progress of my weight gain.  With your contribution, you are provided with frequent details with progress reports, photos and videos that detail every effort  I will share my goals, accomplishments, and detailed agenda on reaching my ultimate goal of XXX lbs.

In order for me to develop a connection with you, and begin our journey to a heavier me, we need to establish some contributions.  You can elect how you want to help.

Feed Me
Monthly Food Contribution:  You can Google Wallet, Venmo or Square invoice your tribute, a monthly food allowance for groceries and restaurant excursions.
Grubhub Gift Cards:  Gift cards can be emailed to

Spoil Me
Amazon Wishlist:  You can order items from my wishlist.

Watch Me
Cam sessions are available thru Skype or FaceTime.

Please inquire further



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New scale, new way to get access to my special photos & videos!

It's official! The new scale arrived and now I have a way to document my progress!  Since the other scales belong to the other girls that were living at the house at the time, when they left so did the scale.  I was very excited to get one of my own that is also BLUETOOTH activated and it's pretty fancy!  It only goes up to 440 lbs unfortunately but since I haven't even reached 300 yet, I think I have a long way to go before the scale no longer works for me!

The great thing about the bluetooth feature is it records not only my weight but body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, visceral fat and more.  I can screenshot the results and send them right to your phone, email, kik, snapchat or wherever you may want it sent to!

As if that isn't enough, I am now offering my eating videos, special photos, behind the scenes (not safe for YOUTUBE) scenes and more on my new page >> CLICK HERE << to start enjoying daily updates of my daily treats, belly growt…

Feed Me Fatter Fat Camps

I've known Destiny BBW for years... and I've visited her MANY times.   But THIS visit is MUCH different!  She has fat-knapped me and forced me to stay until I at least hit 300 lbs!!  I got here Sept 28th weighing 272lbs and her kitchen was packed full of goodies awaiting my impulsive and indulging behavior.

We immediately went on a little foodie vacation to Atlantic City where we planned out some amazing places to eat.  Unfortunately, we would fall in love with a restaurant inside our hotel and frequent it so often they knew us by name.  The people on the boardwalk were both curious and appauled by our sizes, which we found to be quite entertaining.

Destiny created this "African Mating Call" when we were walking the casino looking for food, and she was rubbing her belly.  This doctor approached us, stated who he was and that he was an African native and proceeded to invite us to eat.  We couldn't resist.  So we end up at this nice cafe, with amazing food that …

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